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Thoughtful was struggling with an ineffective marketing program when they sat down to talk with us in 2005. They were frustrated trying to find the right market niche to fill, and also trying to decide what kind of product to sell to that niche.
Should they trade on their legacy and heritage—custom ERP software applications for vertical markets— and find a new vertical
market? Should they develop and try to sell a “next generation” business modeling tool?… or do something else entirely?
Brandspa suggested Thoughtful take a few steps backward first.

We helped them take a closer look at the competitive landscape, take an internal inventory of their strengths and weaknesses,
and then test some potential brand positions against the marketplace.

The testing told us that developing a new vertical market presence in a saturated marketplace, or introducing new technology to a
market that wasn’t going to be open to trying it, would be extremely expensive and might prove even more frustrating and futile.

But out of the ashes came a brand new idea! Instead of competing with other marketers, Thoughtful would help them…
and become the pre-eminent resource for established companies that need to solidify their relationships with legacy customers by partnering to bring their technologies into the future.

Now Thoughtful says: We help business software companies embrace tomorrow’s technologies.

Thoughtful Inc has a better and more exciting story to tell and is a great example of the re-focusing power
of our
Brand Renewal Process

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