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Brand Better and You’ll Do Better – in Good Times and Bad

MONTCLAIR, NJ, Jan 29, 2008 – “The influence that brand perception has over the choices of consumers, employees, investors and referrers is so strong that it can dramatically impact the economic value of the entity that owns it,” claims branding expert, Allan Gorman, CEO of Brandspa LLC in his newest white paper, available for free download through “Investing in your brand,” says Gorman, “is integral to increasing the market value of your company. Brand building is not an expense. It’s an investment.”

The paper, entitled “It’s not as much about perfecting your tag line as it is about enhancing your bottom line.” presents compelling evidence showing how the elusive intangible asset know as “brand”, can account for more than a third of shareholder value. Citing the 2002 study by Interbrand® and JP Morgan, Gorman shows that CEO’s who invest in their brand renewal and brand maintenance can significantly outperform the market, even in tough economic times.

“Brand related activities are not just a marketing function”, asserts Gorman. “Enterprise-wide brand integration is absolutely essential to healthy operations, happy customers, and financial performance. CEO’s who realize that their brand equity is their most valuable asset understand that when they invest in their brand, they are investing in shareholder value.”

Gorman runs the Montclair, NJ-based brand marketing company, Brandspa, LLC. His firm specializes in bringing mid-sized companies the sophisticated brand and market-building expertise usually available only to large multinationals. Claiming to help “cultivate market-leadership from the inside out,” Brandspa facilitates senior management in identifying the drivers of connectivity that can make their products and service offerings unique, and then aligning their vision, actions, deliverables and messages in order to build a healthier, more attractive and more competitive brand. “It’s good business,” says Gorman. “Well-branded companies are not only more attractive, they’re also worth more.”

Mr. Gorman is also author of the acclaimed book, Briefs for Building Better Brands — Tips, Parables and Insights for Market Leaders (2004), and his online essays and whitepapers about creating and maintaining more successful brands are distributed worldwide to a list of more than 3,000 subscribers. (Available free at ).

Gorman is available for limited speaking engagements and expert comment.



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