Have Allan Gorman talk to your group about building a better and more profitable brand

Allan GormanIn a time of increased competition, finicky buyers, and a marketplace determined to strip every product or service of its value, almost every brand owner feels the effects of commodification and eroding profitability. But despite this tough business climate, champion brands in each and every category still seem to emerge and thrive, don’t they?

Enter Allan Gorman, and a contrary view about building leadership and market penetration that flies in the face of conventional sales and marketing wisdom.

Gorman's ideas and examples make so much sense that they will re-orient your thinking and lead to significant changes in the way you view your customers, your business, yourself and your future.

Click here to download a whitepaper that expands on this idea.

Why traditional, bottom-line-focused business policies can be a one-way ticket to oblivion
Allan's step-by-step system for creating a distinctive and appealing value proposition
How to re-discover and articulate a unique brand DNA blueprint that will make your firm the one and only
Secrets to enfranchising internal and external ambassadors who'll spread your gospel, 24/7

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