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Brandspa, New Jersey advertising agency helps Logfret set a new global standard

"Logfret will now have a consistent message and a consistent look around the globe," claims Christian Millet, President of the Hoboken, NJ-based logistic solutions company. "Working with Brandspa has been a great experience. They helped us uncover the things customers value from us, and now we have a way to tell our story to the world," Millet says. "Their process helped us clarify what we stand for and set new branding standards so that now all of our 1100 worldwide employees will willingly embrace and tell our story with one voice. That will help customers and the rest of the industry begin to spread our messages too."

Employing research and consultative tools from their Brand Renewal Process™, Brandspa found what customers value is Logfret's willingness to always anticipate their needs and over-deliver. This led to the articulation of a new vision, mission and set of standards that will ensure maintaining the company's legacy of service excellence for years to come.

Launched with the new corporate tag line "Delivering More", Logfret's message will be implemented on all communications -- from its corporate letterhead and e-mail signatures to signage, trucks, containers, websites, advertising and more.

"A customer's shipment is always more than just some goods in a box," Logfret's messages say. "It's also all the hard work that went into preparing those goods as well as the expectations and value they'll bring to the recipients of those goods," says Allan Gorman, CEO of Brandspa. "We want everyone in the world to embrace Logfret as the most trusted custodians of that valuable merchandise, and learn to believe that Logfret will make the safe and secure passage and delivery of your merchandise job one. The concept of 'Delivering More' isn't some ad line we just made up -- it grows directly from the company's culture and reputation it's earned over the past 40 years. We just helped clarify it and now we're going to help tell the world about it."

"The nice thing about working with Brandspa," Mr. Millet says, "is that they first work with you on the inside before developing communications for the outside. That way we know we're telling the right message that everyone can willingly embrace."

Logfret is a mid-sized international logistics firm with offices in 30 countries on four continents. Trust them to ship anything from a single bottle of perfume to giant construction elements for the Metro system being built in Dubai. Logfret can be reached at 201 656 7728 or

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